The online magazine City Code is interested in showing artists from all fields of art. Send your Art work but first follow the instructions. There are 3 options after sending your art. 1. Without prior notice we make a presentation of your art (you have to check daily our website, after your upload) 2. If we want to make an interview, we ll contact you by email. 3. Please note that not all submissions will be published.

Whatever you send have to be on your own copyright.


We only accept images at least 700 pixels wide and 72 dpi for the resolution. In the description field you have to write about your art series. Upload in word area, credits for teamworkers or for a fashion project (also wardrobes requried)  Dont not forget include your social media links, website etc.

Photos sent for publication should be of a quality to be published. (Instaphoto, with mobile, etc.) will not be accepted. The presentation of the artists who will be selected by City Code Creative team is not an advertisement and so there is no financial transaction between the City Code and Artists. Only the Artist can communicate with us and no agents.

If we do not respond directly to you does not mean that we do not like your artwork, but there are many artists who have submitted before you, so it will be respected and prioritized.

The presentation or interview of each artist will not be sent before publication.