The online magazine City Code is interested in showing artists from all fields of art (Photo, Illustration, Design, Painting,Fashion designers, jewellery designers , etc.). Before our Creative team sees your Art work it is necessary to follow the procedure below.

1. Send us your email with: A. your artwork B. Mini Bio C. Your website to see more of your art projects. If you miss one of the above your participation will not be taken into consideration. 2. The presentation of each artist will not be sent before publication. 3. The Contact with City Code will only be made via email. 4. If the Creative Team of City Code will choose your art work, you will receive an email to confirm within a reasonable time. Email that is incomplete will not be taken into consideration. The selection will not be based on how many other presentations you have done in the past or other publications but because we love you art. If we do not respond directly to you does not mean that we do not like your artwork, but there are many artists who have submitted before you, so it will be respected and prioritized. Whatever you send have to be on your own copyright. Photos sent for publication should be of a quality to be published. (Instaphoto, with mobile, etc.) will not be accepted. Thank you and we expect your own creations to email


George Alexandrakis: Photography Editor    –    Amarildo Topalis: Art Director



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