Interview: Despina Monoyiou

Sóley is the first name of the musician, pianist and songwriter Sóley Stefánsdóttir from Hafnarfjörður and Rekyjavik Iceland. The young artist and mom became known both with her solo career, and as a member of the bandSeabear”, which released two albums in 2006 and 2010.

She has a series of personal records with a variety of musical instruments, with delicate singing and a dreamy, surreal, beautiful and deeply personal combination of music and lyrics.

Poetry, the cold landscape of Iceland, her personal fears and anxieties all work together for a coherent musical outcome.

Photo: Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir
Photo: Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir

“Ask the deep” record seems to be a confrontation with your inner self and your own demons, personified by the devil. Is the creative process a selfish and lonely one until it reaches the audience’s ears? 

It is! It’s just like writing a diary that no one can see and then suddenly it’s out for everyone to hear/read and you can never take it back.

Following the piano sounds of “Krómantik” (2014), ‘Ask the deep’ (2015) is a mixture of organs and synths, whereas your latest EP ‘Don’t Ever Listen’ has a guitar sound. Is music an endless journey of exploration with no genre limits? 

Definitely, I love playing different instruments and try out new things but I still think musicians should always follow their creative path and personality. By doing that, you’re working with your inner self and that is very important.

One might say that tranquil, eerie and melancholic images of cold and natural landscapes are ‘drawn’ by dark and ethereal music. How significant is the role of Iceland in your compositions? 

It’s a country with a lot of space. Space to create. I love it!

EP “Don’t Ever Listen” includes a cover of The Knife’s “N.Y. Hotel”, your very first recorded cover. What kind of music or songs do you love to cover live? 

I haven’t done any covers live yet, I’m still to find my perfect cover song. I’m thinking of covering the title track from Twin Peaks, it’s called “Falling” and sung by Julee Cruise.

Did motherhood changed the way you compose or the way you work? 

No, but I have definitely less time to work so I work faster and more focused 🙂

Not many artists have a personal contact with their fans. Do you feel that the interaction with them through social media, for example, is beneficial somehow?

I think it’s beautiful to be able to interact with fans. It’s such a small world!

Shall we hope for a future live concert in Greece?

I’d so much love to come Greece, hopefully very soon!



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