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Jean Paul Mallozzi  is an American artist who gives a different perspective to classic painting, turning his art into narrations.

Tell me a few things about yourself and how you would characterize your work?

I like to take my love for classical paintings and turn it on it’s head to give another perspective on how representational and narrative art can be viewed.

Faces in your work are usually kind of corrupted, a touch that is technically different than the rest of your work, is there an explanation for that?

Emotions are amorphous, but have a colour and vibration that people respond to when seen. A lot of my narratives show what’s going on internally within the person at that moment.

What was your experience in the school of Fine Arts, casual years or adventurous?

I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to the Rhode Island School of Design, so I was able to travel far enough away from home in NYC but stay close enough in case I needed a break. It was a pretty interesting time being surrounded by talented and also like minded people.

An artist must be humble in daily life and eccentric in his work or the other way around?

Humility is always important but it shouldn’t be an excuse to degrade yourself if you do excel. Sometimes it’s important to actually give yourself some credit and be proud of what you accomplish. I’ll always remember where I came from, but I also know I work hard.

What is art for you?

It’s just the ability to convey an idea and stir up an experience for people who are looking into a piece for the first time.

Would you share the story behind… «Flavor Savor»?

It was made as an invitational piece for the “Risque” exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art in California. Each artist was asked to interpret a sexually provocative piece of work. I chose to play off the vertical smile which is used in humour to reference a vagina.

Instead I just wanted to render real lips just vertically and the guy giving the crude gesture with his hands to reinforce the idea.

Where could we view?


Instagram: jeanpaulmallozzi

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