Written by Electra Limniou

Fashion may be recycled, but also there are still artists with boundless imagination. Isabell Kiefhaber is one of them. At an earlier contact we had with her, where she grateful replied to us for presenting a big part of her collection, we realized that Isabell is one of those artists who make their dreams a reality. She transformed her love for the designing into an experiment and that was successful. She designs jewelries with resin and silver 925° and she transfers short thumbnail stories into them. They could be characterized as jewelries-miniatures but with the purpose of decorating people’s hands and necks.

Wood ease – Funny deer ring with a brown deer on a green ring

Her collection “Geschmeide unter Teck” includes both rings and earrings, and also necklaces, all inspired by a unique story. You can choose amid jewelries with animal stories; other includes small tools, such as colorful pins or brooches and also shapely flowers. Something more innovative is the writing system Braille onto some of the jewelries.

Summer breeze – summerlike beach figure ring with badminton pl

For the record, it’s worth noting that the name of the German’s designer collection “Geschmeide unter Teck” was taken by “a beautiful castle on the edge of the Swabian, that I can see from the window.” as stated in her official professional website.

Ski bunny – sporty ski figure ring with a mini-skier on a whit

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeschmeideUnterTeck

Alp peace - extraordinary cow ring with two black-and-white cows