Interview: Despina Monoyiou

Young visual artist Inas Al-soqi defines herself as a dreamer who composes her story through collage, printmaking, drawing and painting.

She was born in Romania, her family moved to Kuwait because of communism and left again during the Gulf War. At the age of 15 she moves to the US, she studies Fine Arts and finally finds a place to settle and ‘talk’ about politics, war matters, class and nobility and her own heritage through the art of collage. Art has always been her rock in life, as a universal language that could not be affected by anything, no matter where she was.

She now lives and works in New York. Her collages have been exhibited around the world.

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“As long as I have my books (collages), that place will feel like home”. Did the fact that you had to move from place push you towards art? Was it a way to fit someplace?

Constantly learning a new language and trying to find a place for myself has definitely pushed me towards art. Other activities in school and outside involved the group; the thing about art is that you could stay forever alone in a room and never run out of ideas.

If we assume that the art of collage is a form of recreation, is there a deeper need to recreate or correct the world as it is?

The beauty of collage is that you collect images and you give them a completely new meaning and power. I make stories. 

Would you consider your art a way to keep your memories alive, that is, war images, cultural heritage etc?

Memories become fragments of someone else. My art is about interpretation and presenting a heritage that is not viewed in the best light. I am very much proud of my heritage, but I wish I felt the need to defend it more often.  

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