“I owe a lot to Greece. I will always come back!!”


Interview: Elektra Limniou

We discovered her from the single “You will never know” in 2011. After five years, Imany, the French pop-soul singer from France, is coming back with a new project and touring around the world. Now, she is a young mother who still believes in her dreams. She has an enviable way to overcome the difficulties and she can give you some lessons for your life.


City Code Magazine presents you Imany…

“There where tears” is the name of your latest EP. Does it consist a new adventure for you? What are we going to listen from you and your new project?

 “There were tears” is the new EP and the new single. It took me a long time to write this new album. It is definitely a new adventure, as I tried to write a more mature album. An album more turned to the outside world. It is more observant. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

“Imany” means “faith”, right? Despite the bad social situations in which we are used to live in the last years, what’s your personal aspect? 

I think the world is taking a wrong turn. We are living in a world that worships financial success as the only way to be happy. The system is broken. I think that all Nations need to do some soul searching, analyze what went wrong and try to make it right…

Photo by Yann Rabanier
Photo by Yann Rabanier

Is there something particular that keeps you positive and makes you stronger? 

Many things keep me positive. I consider myself a lucky girl. I have a healthy and happy family. I’m surrounded by people that I love and who love me back. I get to live my dream everyday. I have every reason to stay positive and I’m grateful every day for that.

We live in 2016 and the technology through Internet and especially social media is the major “advertiser” of our work. Is it easier or more difficult to survive and promote your music?

It’s not always easy to keep up, but generally it has made it easier for me and probably a lot of artists. In one click you can expose your art to the entire world. 

Do you think it was our choice or a kind of necessity to be involved with the Internet or society made Internet our necessity?

When I started my career, Internet was already a strong tool. I only tried to find my place in all of it. If you want to be seen by the world and you don’t have much exposure, internet remains the way to go…

Apart from your occupation as a singer, you are also a mother, which is something completely new for you. In which way do you think motherhood changed you?

It made me happier and also more patient. They always say you can never imagine what it’s like until you become a mother. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true! It’s a bundle of joy!

What are your following professional plans? Are we going to see you in Greece? 

By the end of the year hopefully my new album will be released. There’s a tour coming together and of course Greece is on the road map!

I love playing there. Last time I did a whole tour throughout the country, not just Athens. It is the fist Nation outside France who showed me love. I owe a lot to Greece. I will always come back!!


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