mafa: Chelsea

16 John Islip St,
 London SW1P 4JU

15-17th February 2018 
PV: Thu 15th Feb 17:00-21:00   
Irene Pouliassi, Gardenia White, Wei-Chung Lu, Yi-Chung Huang 
Curated By :Sam Roknivand, Angela Kim

An Elephant In The Room’ exhibits the works of four artists exploring Fear, War, Death ,and Freedom approaching these matters from different perspectives. All the artists showcasing in the exhibition deals with the desensitized world around them.

The exhibition title refers to the metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem that no one wants to discuss or challenge. Irene Pouliassi’s abstract installation titled “Deathnaut’s Trail” takes a critical view to the philosophical discourse of abjection. She portrays human flesh, bones, and human hair as symbol of the existential vulnerability of being and the process of the aesthetics evolution of the human form in Post-mortem state. For her, ‘An Elephant In The Room’ means others thinking they are safe and immortal. Similarly, Gardenia White’s work deals with the issues of violence and the aftermath of wars. For example, in her installation she questions whether artwork can depict the impact of the war, the injustice and the human suffering that it causes. She examines the invasion of Iraq war and its impact on her work using materials such as rust, copper and iron powder.

In contrast, Weichung Lu interprets the title in a more direct way. Her work represents an ‘Elephant’ itself in order to show that the society should neither try to hide things that are sensitive or controversial nor express it in an obscure way. Moreover, Yichung Huang’s “Disappearing Boarder” shows a World Map with nail pushpins around the countries, such as Kosovo, Abkhazia, Somaliland and Taiwan. He invites viewers to mark the countries that they think should have a right to be independent with the extra nail pushpins provided at he exhibition. His practice on the map is an attempt to express the political realism in the international society.

An Elephant In The Room’ addresses our attempt to tackle conflicts in our contemporary world. They all hope to create engagement and a place for reflection of what makes us human.

Exhibition Dates
PV: Thu 15th Feb 17:00-21:00
Fri:16th Feb 9:00-21:00
Sat 17th Feb 10:00-17:00