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Interview: George Bilios

Although they are a 10-year-old band, Editors are still one of the most influential bands worldwide, with massive hits, sold out lives and lots of concert tours around the globe to be proud of.

The most significant thing though, beyond their music, is the fact that they are very outspoken about what is happening around the world and their actions for “a better tomorrow” seem to speak louder than words.

Our conversation with Russ,  on behalf of City Code magazine, included… almost everything.

Photo by Rahi Rezvani
Photo by Rahi Rezvani

Your own variation of dark indie guitar rock, draws on influences from both older and contemporary bands. You’ve managed to create a distinctive sound through years. What’s the procedure? What is the first thing you want to come to your audience’s mind?

When we create a track we get in a room together and figure out a direction, we try to create a general mood. Once it creates a feeling within us, and we feel like that will come across to the listener at home, we know that the song is in a good place.

How did you come up with the name “Editors”? Is it quite semiotic?

No, not at all, It’s a stamp, a word that we could put our band too, on the front of a record. We were previously called The Pride, Pilot and Snowfield and we didn’t really like any of those, so when we got a record deal we found something we could live with.

You once said: “We’ve always been quite cinematic anyway”. Are you cinematic in terms of concept-songs, scenarios, direction or photography in video-clips?

I think in terms of a widescreen sound. Our sound always suits the images of the open road, walking in beautiful countryside, cities at night time etc. It always has some drama.

How do you feel when putting a live? Do you find it as exciting as creating an album?

No it’s very different. We enjoy putting a live show together but it’s not as gratifying. Live audiences are great and we appreciate our fans immensely. I love watching bands live. But they are one-off experiences, albums are for life.

I’ve read in a review: “The English alt-rockers return to form and broaden their palette on fifth LP”. What new ingredients have you used for the latest album?

I think we used drum machines and loops that we would have never used before. Because we had no producer, we didn’t stop ourselves from experimenting, we went further than we usually do in songs and sounds creating them.

What are your favorite topics? What are the things that interest you the most?

All of the major elements: life, love and death.

In Greece, society is reforming in terms of social classes, as a result of the financial crisis. Brexit is on its way. Do you feel that Europe is going through a stage of change or is it stuck in unsustainable policies?

I just feel that people aren’t worldly enough. We are all in this together and need to think about that. Everyone thinks that if incidents happen or if there is a crisis in the world, it’s not their responsibility. It is and we need people to be as one, sadly it’s taken thousands of years for us to develop this far so we’ve got a long way to go.

Photo by Rahi Rezvani
Photo by Rahi Rezvani

You’ve travelled to Greece to meet refugees, supporting the Oxfam campaign “Stand as one”.  How could our help be more effective?

Tom, Elliott and Ed went to Greece to meet refugees. We’ve been long time supporters of Oxfam and felt it would be good to see the work they do first hand. It’s not a case of charity organisations being more effective. It’s governments, worldwide that need to take more action in supporting and housing those who have fled homes due to the war. From what the guys saw in the camp, the way the Greek people and Government have responded to the crisis so far has been nothing short of inspiring. However, the pressure is mounting and they can’t be expected to bear the burden alone. Everyone, including the UK, has to do its fair share.

Is there any other musician you are “dying” to be on stage with him/her?

No, we performed with R.E.M, mission completed.

City Code has a motto saying “Look inside you”. Do you think that this would be the answer to many problems?

Yes. People need to take a minute, think about things longer than their initial reaction and be kind, always.


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