Interview: Electra Limniou

Nanami, Mako and Marish constitute the girl band Color-Code. According to their sayings they are very ambitious and they have already organized their tour for 2016. They managed to combine fashion shows with the music they love. Full of ideas, they keep dreaming to turn their choices into a successful career.


You can read below their interview for City Code magazine:

Color – code: This is an interesting name for a girl band. How does this name reflect your personalities or your attitude?

We are three different personalities, so we never actually thought that we look like different colors of a same color circle. Creating the unity with colors in the same way a rainbow is created.

It is said that it’s difficult to talk about ourselves, but we would really want you to introduce yourselves to the Greek audience.

I am NANAMI, leader of band and choreographer of last album songs.

I am MAKO and the one with the longest hair I also paint.

I am MARISHA I have studied art history and I am a dancer.

You are three young girls in the peek of your career. What common characteristics do you share that brought such success?

What unites us is our love for music, dance and fashion.

In March 2016, your fans in Brussels are going to have the chance to meet you through your first European tour. How do you feel about this and what are the lucky ones going to see in the show?

It’s true! We are visiting Europe for the first time and it is for a few shows, even if we love it so much! We take photos of everything and everyone we meet is so kind to us!

Regarding our shows we have prepared choreography and also each show has one hour duration, something we have never done before.

It is said that you are the “Japanese Lady Gaga”. How difficult is it for a group to deal with this comparison? According to your opinion, what are the differences and the similarities with the legendary Lady Gaga?

We do not believe there is any artist of Japan that can be similar to Lady Gaga and except out common love for fashion we do not think we are similar in any other way.

Nicola Formichetti is a person and an artist that has a huge effect in your career. How did the story begin?

Our roads crossed 2 years ago, when we met at a Japanese talent show under the name “Pop Icon Project Tokyo”, where he was producer and part of judge comity. He saw as there, he liked us and ever since we collaborate.

What is it that makes the difference between you and the rest of the Japanese groups?

We are all from different areas of Japan, so each one has different life experiences, but we try to create music together and this is something we all love and the element that connects us. The result makes it unique.

What are your future plans, besides the European tour? An LP maybe?

We released our latest music work just before we left for the Europe tour so there is not any immediate planning for new release yet. After the European shows, we will continue touring at Japan. And for sure, we want to visit Europe again in the future.

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