The Birds and the Trees” 

by Afrodite Papadouli

meet the artist: Tuesday 11 April  6.30pm – 8.30pm

Paintings exhibition, Friends Room, The Hellenic Centre

April 11 – May 5 2017

For opening hours call The Hellenic Centre on 020 7487 5060

Afrodite Papadouli experiments with various materials (watercolours, ink on paper, acrylics on canvas and on wood) to create images which evoke the human need to be attached to their origins but also the need to be free and to escape.
She studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts under the supervision of Yannis Psychopedis. Her work is full of striking colours and strong contrasts.

“Recently I have focused on the birds and the trees. I have been watching them in the forests, studying them in my studio. I have taken photos of them and I have made hundreds of sketches. I may be living close to nature, but I have never got tired of them.

Having worked on this subject a lot, however, I realise that there is another reason, other than its beauty, which attracts me. I find there is a symbolism between the trees and the need of the people to be attached to their environment, mostly to their origins.
On the other hand, the birds are often used to symbolise the need to escape, to be free.

In my painting both images may appear to emphasise the dilemma of our people either to stay in Greece and fight or to go abroad and find a way to survive…or in many cases, birds also appear as a sign of the people who are no longer with us; they fly back to bring us a message of love.

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Meet the Artist:
Tuesday 11 April
6.30pm – 8.30pm

The Hellenic Centre,
16 – 18 Paddighton Street
Marylebone, W1U 5AS