Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is excited to present UP IN THE AIR, a new exhibition which will showcase brand new works from acclaimed Belgium artist Antoine Rose. This will be the artist 4th solo show with the gallery and it will feature works from Italy, Saint Moritz and the New York City Marathon.
UP IN THE AIR opens on November 3 – December 31 with an artist’s reception on Thursday, November 3 from 6 to 8 pm. Come meet the artist!

Watch the Video of the making of “Wintercolors” artwork.


Gaining extensive recognition as a published artist, with major international brands (M.A.D Museum in NY, LVMH, The SilverCup Studios, Hermes, and Tiffany & Co.) collecting his works, Rose travels around the globe from Switzerland to the United States, converting ordinary scenes into magnificent pieces of art – whether they be the shorelines of Miami or Italy or the mountaintops of Europe.


In addition to his aesthetic, Rose instills an anthropological and sociological dimension to his photographs, whereby masses sharing common behaviors expose themselves as hedonistic herds. The stills of people living and working beneath jewel tone structures or skiing atop Swiss Alps in straight line form suggest a showcase, or given the distance, a “Bee Hive.” From a philosophical perspective, Rose’s bird’s eye view attests insignificance to his subject matter as they nearly disappear in the infinite space of the universe, crushed by the immensity of vast nothingness or a blank canvas of snow – depending on the series.

It is only through a mental process our viewer translates these irregular, geometric patterns into the artist’s original and regular register. In this way, the artist relies on the public’s active participation and receptivity. As a process artist, Antoine Rose envisions his audience empathizing a similar sentiment and experiencing the same consciousness he encounters while shooting. Rose confesses, “To be strapped outside a helicopter is not for the faint of heart. The man always tried to fly since the early age and having the possibility to fly like a bird above the sea and shoreline is something [of] magic.”