Beton7 Gallery presents the exhibition



Artists: Antonis Kalamaras Prapas,Adrien Chevrier, Dune Perez

Opening: September 20, 2016, 8:00 p.m.

Duration: from September 20 to October 14, 2016

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 14:00 to 19:00

Beton7 – 7 Pydnas Str. – Votanikos-Athens (metro station Kerameikos – Technopolis)

Tel: +30 210 7512625 |

Artists: Antonis Kalamaras Prapas, Adrien Chevrier, Dune Perez

Beton7 Gallery presents works by Antonis Kalamaras Prapas, Adrien Chevrier and Dune Perez in the exhibition titled SAVE_DELETE_CANCEL. Emancipated from each others, we are converging at a common substitute, abandoning institution for alternative assemblies and new shapes of sharing. If this new layout denaturalizing institutions, starts becoming the tomorrow’s empty bodies, how to reappropriate those new voids? what kind of future we can find for those lost remains, forgotten by this anti historical surge. What are potentials and traps of those last modifications?

Antonis Kalamaras Prapas work and practices are seeking for the relations and productive points of cultural structures. Peeling the form and social investments at objects, their materials and representations, trying to highlight relations and their abrasion in time.

Considering Machines as reflect on our soul and bowels, as a part of ourselves, Adrien Chevrier wonders about our relation with them. He feels them, listens them and searches to understand their evolving complexity, for maybe one day be able to pierce ours.

Through a trans-disciplinary travel, Dune Perez works on structures and mechanisms which fix today our conceptual network, in a way our perception of reality. By analogies and experimentations he tries to decrypt the gears of our consciousness and our universe. Cog after cog, he invites us to explore his vision of this machine in constant evolution, which is as complex as fascinating.

Antonis Kalamaras Prapas

Multimedia artist

Born in 1987, lives and works in Athens. He is a member of the art collective based in Athens Assemblage Aliéné.

2011 “Kanon Ht6” (group exhibition) International Test Site (ITS) Belgrade Serbia

2013 “Kaukasus” (group exhibition, curated by Assemblage Aliéné) Beton 7 Athens Greece

2014 “Passage of an iron bar through the head” Ag. Markou Workspace Athens Greece

(group exhibition, curated by Assemblage Aliéné)

2015 “Αόρατες κυβερνήσεις” Circuits and Currents Athens Greece

2016 “Ελάχιστη Προσπάθεια” ΕΩΣ Gallery Athens Greece

Adrien Chevrier

Performative artist

Born in 1990. Lives and works in France.

2015 after shade, independent group exhibition, off event, Bienniale of Lyon, France

2015 back to the trees curated by Kendell Geers, foret de chaux, France

2014 tous les printemps du monde, curated by Laurent Deveze, Besancon, France

2014 “14”, group exhibition, curated by Laurent Deveze, Narbonne, France

2010 young artists exhibition, curated by Vassili Teriakidis, M A C Strasbourg France

Dune Perez

Artist / researcher

Born in 1985. Lives and works in France.

2016 art residency domaine de Keravel, Plouha, France

2016 drawing now, group exhibition curated by Philippe Riss, Xpo galery, Paris, France

2016 Liaisons equivoques, group exhibition curated by Stephanie Jamet and Philippe Terri-

er-Herman, musee des Beaux arts, Dole, France

2016 drawing after digital, group exhibition curated by Klaus Spiedel and Philippe Riss,

XPO gallery, Paris, France

2015 after shade, off event, Biennale de Lyon, France